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Ask service provides collaboration with specialized staff able to carry out simultaneous, consecutive and one to one translations in several specialization fields: technical, scientific, computer science, telecommunications, legal, financial, tourism, publishing.

The company has partners qualified to certify and legalize translations that require legal validation, native speakers specialized in different fields and proofreaders and it also provides a verbal translation service at the client's office. Ask Service offers highly qualified interpreters for simultaneous, consecutive and chuchotage translation, hostesses for business meetings, trade fairs, workshops locally or abroad.

Ask Service offers to its customers' essential guarantees such as accuracy, punctuality, reliability, precision, and confidentiality

The Football Safety Officer functions are all those activities that protect the safety of spectators during football matches, both in ordinary and extraordinary situations.

All the activities are regulated by laws and ministerial decrees, these range from identity/ticket control to guiding the public to their assigned location, from monitoring compliance with guidelines (including through the CCTV system) to safeguarding the athletes.

The regulations are implemented through structural interventions on stadium facilities and the organization of a prepared team of operators (stewards) trained to ensure safety conditions during the event.

All these actions are essential to improve "security”, which ultimately lies with the Police.

Ask Service helps the Fair Authorities collaborating with them in the general event's organization. The company takes care of the management, prepares the technical advocacy and secretariat, provides and coordinates the services related to the entire chain. It also handles the human resources, the instruments, and the equipment for the event realization. It prepares the program and manages relations with public or private referents and sponsors

Ask Service provides to the customer, whether it is a public institution or a private entrepreneur, different kinds of services that guarantee more functional and productive participation in  trade fairs. The company provides technical office assistance for installation, interpreters qualified in various product sectors and hostesses. It takes also care of the paperwork for event registration.

Additionally Ask Service arranges concomitant events including workshops with specialized sector operators, press conferences, product presentations, tastings, and detailed promotions to encourage visitor numbers and business contacts.

Ask Service organizes the various phases of conference events. Whether you are looking for partial support or a complete service we can adapt our offer to suit your needs.

We provides a full conference service package with creative thinking and precision in the execution of every event.  The company’s focus is on delivering efficient experiences, leaving room for high profile networking opportunities.

We can draw up spending budgets, negotiate costs with providers (hotels, travel agencies, transport agencies etc). We deal with the coordination, supervision and functioning of the various operators and provide advice on publicity, promotional material and the planning of work.  We can also help in the choice of suitable facilities for the congress, sponsorship and post event activities.

Ask service organizza e gestisce tutta quella tipologia di eventi legati alle esigenze di comunicazione, formazione, incentivazione e promozione aziendale, valorizzazione e commercializzazione di prodotto, operando a livello nazionale ed internazionale nel rispetto del budget e delle aspettative del cliente con la formula “chiavi in mano.

Sceglie le modalità e gli strumenti di comunicazione, più adatti al raggiungimento degli obiettivi prefissati.
Pianifica l’evento con la massima attenzione anche del più piccolo particolare. offrendo, ove possibile, più soluzioni mantenendo inalterata la qualità del servizio e delle professionalità.
Fornisce consulenza e supporto su tutti i risvolti di natura fiscale, amministrativa, tecnico/informatica, logistica.
Consigli e informazioni sulle migliori soluzioni che possono essere adottate, affinché i gli eventi possano essere “eventi di successo”.

Coordina fornitori esterni e propone partner del cui lavoro è garanti non rivendendo singoli servizi ma gestendoli in partnership con fornitori referenziati.